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Affiliated ReMarketing Web , your source for thousands of refurbished computer products, from PCs to Mainframes.

Amdahl Corporation (Fujitsu) The products and services provided by Amdahl are; large-scale System/390 mainframe computers and enterprise servers, advanced mid-range departmental systems, high-capacity storage subsystems, rapid application development and data integration environments, network integration, consultancy, service and support. Fully scalable Open Systems operating environments running native from the very largest enterprise server to the desktop workstation.
Applied Expert Systems, "providing performance and availability solutions for the OS/390 enterprise network. If you have an OS/390 TCP/IP workload, you need CLEVER TCP/IP from AES."

Applied Software's Super IND$FILE is a complete replacement for IBM's IND$FILE. Unlike IBM's IND$FILE, Super IND$FILE is fully supported, improves file transfer performance up to 50% or more and is available for MVS CICS, TSO and native MVS VTAM. Super IND$FILE supports virtually all 3270 emulators operating under Windows 3.x, Windows 95, Windows NT, OS/2, DOS and UNIX. Asynchronous transfers are fully supported for all platforms, including CICS.

Boole & Babbage (only Coffee mugs left... are Mainframes Dead... no! but many Sofware Vendors are!) Making application availability achievable through Enterprise Automation.

Candle Corporation - Welcome to Candle Corporation. Candle is the world's leading independent developer and provider of integrated availability, performance, systems, and database management solutions for mainframe and client/server systems.

COBOL Like You've Never Seen It Whether you're redeveloping legacy code or creating new object-oriented, client/server applications, IBM's COBOL family offers the tools to do the job right. IBM COBOL is now a member of the VisualAge Family. Visual development gets you off to a fast start, and compatible IBM COBOL compilers keep you up to speed on multiple platforms. With IBM COBOL, you accelerate program development at the same time you position your enterprise to take advantage of tomorrow's opportunities.

Cole Software makes the XDC Assembler language debugging product for MVS-based programmers. XDC is an extremely powerful tool which can be used to find and fix bugs in low-level complex environments. Using XDC, one can work in TSO or within batch address spaces. XDC can be used to work on started tasks, multitasking programs. APF-authorized code, system exits, SVCs,. CICS programs, exits and transactions, VTAM subsystems, and much more in Assembler.

Computer Associates Inc. Mega software vendor with products like CA-1(Tape Management), CA-7(Scheduler), CA-11(Resource Manger), and many more. . .

Computer Information Center (CompInfo) is a key reference site for IT/IS users and buyers, with links to hardware and software companies, industry organisations and user groups, technology information sources, online support and up-to-date news.

Compuware Corporation , headquartered in Farmington Hills, Michigan, U.S.A, is a global leader in software products for building, testing and deploying business applications and related professional services. Our customers are among the world's 15,000 largest commercial users of information technology.

Data Facility Sort for MVS (DFSORT/MVS) DFSORT is IBM's world class MVS sorting product. DFSORT, together with DFSMS/MVS and RACF, form the strategic product base for the evolving system-managed storage environment. DFSMS/MVS provides vital storage and data management functions, RACF adds security functions, and DFSORT adds the ability to do faster and easier sorting, merging, copying, reporting and analysis of your business information. PS... Lets not forget about the DFSORT/VSE Homepage

Datatrain For a training system that will give your staff the knowledge, skills, and expertise required to operate your IBM data centre in the most efficient and effective way. Datatrain is the best possible choice with training suites available for MVS Operations, MVS Applications, MVS Helpdesk, AS/400, VSE and TANDEM.

DFSMS/MVS is the industry standard storage management product. It allows you to optimize performance and storage efficiency while capitalizing on the capacity, security, and integrity of MVS.

Disaster Recovery Journal The Journal Dedicated to Business Continuity

DYNA-MatCH is a high performance, comprehensive, general purpose batch utility designed for use on IBM/MVS systems.

Enterprise Research, Inc. is a software company that produces integrated management and security tools for the CICS community. The suite of tools, packaged as ERI/CICS, is available for CICS/ESA and CICS/MVS. ERI/CICS enhances functionality for CICS systems by providing strategic interfaces between existing software components. The enhancements from ERI are distinctive in their user-friendly interface, interactive system administration component, and compatibility with other system software.

Fundamental Software, Inc. Since 1990, Fundamental Software has been developing software which preserves your investment in and expertise with the System/370 mainframe architecture in a UNIX-based open systems environment. Our premier product, OPEN/370, provides a full emulation of the System/370, implementing the 370 architecture in software instead of hardware. We are the only System/370 Plug Compatible Mainframe manufacturer able to put the mainframe in a laptop.

Hitachi Data Systems(HDS) Never before has performance soared to the levels delivered by the HDS Skyline(TM) Series from Hitachi Data Systems Corporation. This innovative line of ultra-high-speed S/390-compatible processors is the flagship of the HDS Voyager Family(TM), reaching new horizons with advanced technology andhttp://www.network.com/ comprehensive professional services. . . Right Bob

Internet-timeshare If you are currently renting time with a service bureau, or contemplating purchasing or upgrading an IBM Mainframe computer, we would welcome a call from you to discuss some very exciting alternatives. Internet TimeShare Resources (ITSR) was established to offer the use of various Mainframe Operating Systems via the Internet. Our service can be contracted for hourly, monthly, annually. We can provide you with a large selection of DASD device types in almost unlimited capacity. Using a TCP/IP connection to the internet, you can access our systems using TN3270 emulation (that makes your PC on the internet look like a Local 3270). We can load your data using FTP or if need be with 3420, 3480 or 3490 tape cartridges. Your company will control your "virtual" machine. We have the main IBM operating systems (Zos, VSE/ESA) as well as DB2, C++, COBOL, PL/I, etc. This virtual service bureau can significantly lower your data processing budget!

IBM Mainframe Forum, Manuals, Programs and download

Our Services:
Free Mainframe Technical support through online community Forums
Free placement consultancy
Online Job Listings and Resume alert
Mainframe Software Development

Our Products:
IBMMF Mainframe Terminal Emulator
Mainframe Error Descriptor
Mainframe ToolBox
JobSearch ToolBar etc.
Please visit http://mainframesindia.com for more info about our Products.

IBM Corporation Mainframe, Midrange, Mini, & Micro Hardware and Software Solutions ((( Big Blue )))

IBM Internet Connection Server for MVS IBM links World Wide Web to the Enterprise with new MVS-Based Internet Server.

Welcome to the IBM HCD / HCM home page! If you are looking to improve your Configuration Management for MVS/ESA you need both HCD and HCM. These pages are designed to provide you with the information you need to make your decisions and to assist you in all technical questions you might have.

Welcome to the IBM VSE/ESA* home page! VSE/ESA is IBM's strategic entry operating system for online transaction and batch processing and for client/server computing. It is a member of the Enterprise Systems Architecture/390* operating system family.

Innovation Data Processing: DASD Storage Management Solutions with FDR, IAM, FATS, FATAR, FDRREORG, ABR and FDR/UPSTREAM.

Welcome to I/O Concepts, we make it easy to connect workstations to IBM mainframes. Our family of software and hardware products provide easy-to-install, flexible solutions for mainframe connectivity

"International Software Company. Established in 1986, I$Chas become a leader in the field of data center automation. I$C is a privately held company and provides solutions for IBM, MVS, VSE, and VM installations. Since 1993, International Software Company proposes unique solutions such as: Graphing (E-GEN/MAP & MAP4) and Application Stream Generation from a documentation standard (E-GEN/WS). The E-GEN product line is available for OS/390, MS/Windows 95 and NT

Mainframe Upgrade - IBM Z-series and System z9 WHO IS THIS SITE FOR ? IT professionals working in, or looking to work in, the IBM Mainframe environment. IT directors and Company directors looking to maximise profits from their IBM Mainframe strategy, hardware, and software.

Making the most from your IBM Mainframe investment is essential. Times are changing and it looks like the mainframe is making a major comeback. Decisions should not be based on IBM's advice alone. It is essential that independent opinions on Mainframe upgrades are considered before spending the large sums of money involved. You will find here highly focused upgrade information in plain English, links to articles. This will place the key information at your fingertips and help you make the most profitable decisions.

MacKinney Systems offers enterprise software in a wide range of functional areas and platforms. Products by functional area include: Session Management, VSAM Tools, Operations, Program Development and Testing, Recovery, Communications, Printing, End User Tools, Program Maintenance and Documentation, CICS Enhancements, Training, Help Desk, Security, PC products. Platforms supported: MVS, VSE, CICS, PC, RS/6000, AS/400

MVS Solutions Inc. Laying the foundation for MVS/JES2 batch automation and improved Batch Service and Thruput with System Managed Batch. ThruPut Manager is an MVS/JES2 product that dynamically manages the relationship between your IBM mainframe batch workload and your Datacenter resources, according to your rules.

Network Systems Corporation (NSC) Since its founding in 1974, NSC's leadership has helped to define the high-performance internetworking marketplace. Among other things, NSC has pioneered high-speed LANs, channel extension products, T3 networking products, non-blocked distributed matrix switches, channel attached routers, token-ring port switching hubs, the first HIPPI-SONET gateway and now network based security and firewall protection as part of its router products.

Panorama Software Corporation quality Business Continuity software solutions for the Global 1000 community. Panorama products ensure the recoverability of mission-critical data across the enterprise, regardless of platform. Products include: SUNRISE - is an automated Business Continuity tool for MVS storage optimization, application management, and business resumption. SUNRISE is the only complete solution to the challenge of cost-effective protection of critical application data. Stage3 - electronic data vaulting - Stage3 provides TCP/IP, LU6.2, or direct-channel gateways between major server-based LAN backup products and UNIX or MVS hosts.

PROCESSOR The Leading Source Of New And Used Hardware and Software for Information Systems Buyers.

ProTech Professional Technical Services, Inc Information Systems Professionals at all levels continue to face the challenge of upgrading technical skill levels while keeping productivity constant. ProTech Professional Technical Services, Inc addresses this proficiency/ productivity challenge by offering high-quality, Instructor-led technical training and consulting. ProTech's founders share a background as managers for the former LEGENT Corporation (now Computer Associates, International). Fittingly, ProTech's early curriculum centered on Mainframe Systems Software and Programming. And we continue to be an expert resource for training in Mainframe Systems, Operations and Applications area. In addition, keeping pace with the growth of Client/Server and distribution technologies, ProTech offers expert Sybase, Visual Basic, and Oracle training; object-oriented design and programming classes; PowerBuilder and TCP/IP courses; and a variety of workshops which support rapid, interactive, application design techniques.

Quick-Ref Chicago-Soft, Ltd., develops and markets productivity and performance software for mainframe computer systems used by many of the world's largest companies. In the simplest terms, Chicago-Soft's software helps computer programmers, analysts and operations specialists manage their system's operations in a timely and efficient manner. Chicago-Soft recently introduced PC-based tools with similar goals.

S/390 Partners in Development (PID) is an exciting program that offers many advantages across the S/390 platform for qualified Solution Developers. The program enhances communications between customers, association members and IBM and provides assistance in obtaining the resources necessary to develop and support diverse customer solutions on IBM's S/390 platforms. The offerings available through S/390 Partners in Development can help members in lowering the cost of developing and marketing solutions for our customers.

SAS Institute has risen to become one of the world's top ten software developers. Installed at more than 27,000 sites in 119 countries, the SAS System for Information Delivery helps organizations across industries overcome obstacles in the flow of information.

SEA(tm) Established in 1982, Software Engineering of America has built a global reputation as a leader in the field of data center software solutions. SEA is one of the most successful privately-held companies in the software industry, with products used at thousands of IBM, MVS, VSE, and VM installations in the U.S. and worldwide. 85% of the Fortune 500 Companies, including 9 of the Fortune 10, as well as installations of all sizes and configurations, use one or more of SEA's products.

Sirius Corporate Sirius is an IBM Premier Business Partner and the largest IBM Solution Provider. Certified, experienced sales and technical teams partner with clients to deliver solutions that address business problems and increase competitiveness. Sirius partners with IBM and other leading hardware and software providers to design IT solutions that incorporate servers, storage, enterprise printing, point-of-sale and kiosk equipment, software, consulting services and financing.

Software Diversified Services (SDS) was founded in 1980, and now supports over 10 VSE and MVS mainframe systems products for more than 2,000 installations worldwide. PC software related to the mainframe industry is also available through SDS. File transfer, data compression, and client server applications are our current PC focus. SDS is noted for having the highest quality software, documentation, and technical support in the business. SDS's technical support has been rated number 1 by the prestigious IBEX Bulletin.

Software Pursuits was founded in 1975 to provide an alternative to IBM in the mainframe operating systems market. SPI provided the only proven, compatible alternative to IBM's VSE operating system with MVT/VSE. A key component of MVT/VSE was a spooler which has been spun off into a separate product now known as SPRI.

StorageTek Corporation Robotic Leader in Tape Cartridge Management, Advanced RAID DASD Devices, ETC.

Syncsort Inc. specializes in high performance systems software, and its products are used in over fifty countries. Syncsort's best-known product is SyncSort, a high performance sort product. Versions of SyncSort are available for IBM MVS, VSE, VM, and compatible systems. SyncSort is also available on all the major UNIX platforms, including AIX, HP/UX, and Solaris, and for Digital Alpha servers. Over 95% of Fortune 100 companies are Syncsort customers.

Tachyon 390 Cross Assembler Now You Can Develop and Maintain 370/390 Assembler Programs From Your Workstation! Versions are available for OS/2 (2.x and Warp),and for Win32 (Windows NT and Windows 95).

The Source Recovery Company recovers Cobol and Assembler source code from MVS, VM or VSE executable modules.

Themis Education Services, Inc. is a leading provider of advanced systems software training to the information processing community. New Jersey-based Themis specializes in the delivery of instructor-led CICS, DB2, MQSeries and other system software training on both a public and client-site basis. Currently, it offers public class training in 18 key cities throughout the United States. In-house training is tailored to individualized client needs. Courses are well-constructed agendas of practical programming, design and debugging disciplines and systems theory required by data processing professionals to maintain skills at a high level.

Ubiquity is a software developer and distributor based in Melbourne Australia. We provide systems management solutions for the MVS, UNIX and NT platforms. Our objectives are to provide cost effective solutions for IT professionals that will make your life easier.

VIASOFT, Inc. is a leading provider of business solutions consisting of integrated technology and specialized professional consulting services. We enable customers worldwide to optimize their software investments by substantially reducing the cost of maintaining and redeveloping existing COBOL applications and allowing programming resources to be redeployed to new initiatives, such as new application development and client/server migration.

Cheryl Watson and Watson & Walker, Inc. offer practical mainframe performance and measurement advice. Through our newsletter, classes, consulting, and software, we assist system programmers, capacity planners and performance analysts using the IBM MVS or OS/390 operating system.

21st Century Innovations, Inc Since 1986 the world's leading supplier of Communications, LAN and Data Center Design software. In 1985 Steve Graves started work on a project to help him in his work to design and layout Data Centers. In May of 1986 he founded 21st Century Innovations, Inc. for the purpose of marketing this software product he found so useful in his work. The first three customers were fortune 500 businesses in the Los Angeles area. As a pioneer in a brand new industry that needed answers it became apparent that additional products for cabling were needed. Over the years additional products were added and revised to meet the demands of our customers. These products include EASIMAP, CABLEMAP (Physical), CABLEMAP II (Logical), TELCOMAP and STATMAP. All of these products are integrated together to form a Suite of products to document and manage Data Centers, Telecommunications Operations, LANS and other areas of cabling.

Welcome to Xephon: The Web site for enterprise system users, Xephon is the leading provider of strategic and technical information on the IBM-compatible large systems marketplace. These Web pages include brief details of our latest research, advice on pricing, and comment on industry developments, along with information on our publications, briefings, and other services.

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